Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More of Harry Fassl

More Harry Fassl stuff here. First, a photo Mark took of Diana and I in front of the residence, and remember, 1111 was a part of my cursed life in 1985, I did not meet Harry & Diana until 1992. We were in the basement, and there was the last postcard I sent Harry, still on his desk. Diana let me have it. I'd email Harry crazy stuff, pulling formulas off Wikipedia about Faraday cages and whatnot, then cut & pasting only a random part of the equation. Craziness. All us old guys have left. You might question the ball of clay. Harry had taken up sculpting, and Diana offered Mark and I a lump, and I accepted. The saddest thing, on the desk was a photo from my 40th birthday, my sis threw it as a surprise. A black and white photo of me & Harry cropped, ready to get slapped on a postcard with some funny saying. Maybe it would have been about Faraday cages. Son of a bitch.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I can feel your fondness for him coming through your words.