Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kick-Ass Frazer Irving Cover Art

Oak Park, Both Sides of The Viaducts

Well, the sequence of these photos is wrong, but I think you'll get the idea. One side of the viaducts, is the Oak Lawn I know from visiting Harry and Diana. Their house is closer to Roosevelt Road, 1111 South ****, and this is Lake Street I'm talking about, 200 North. We'd often go to Barbara's Bookstore and a few other used stores. These days there's a place called The Book Table just off that cobblestone street. Lake Street has a few businesses scattered closet to empty lots or factories, but the side streets are how you see the difference. Granted, right near the Green Line there are apartments going up like the monthly rent in existing buildings. All over the city it seems, new housing within walking distance of the train. But on the north side of Lake Street, it looks more like the wasteland between Oak Park--a collar suburb to Chicago--and downtown. The West Side, in hushed whispers. And in truth, I'm happy to stay on that el after dark, no need to get off until I am in the Loop.