Tuesday, February 5, 2008

View From The El

Yesterday we had the densest fog I can recall, during the day the Cal Sag Bridge was simply not there, cars driving into a void. When I left work, it was surreal, like I was wearing scratched goggles powdered with paper dust. The kind of fog that causes pile-ups on interstates. Walking to the bus, one house has two trees, only one was visible. Snow simply looked like Etch-A-Sketch scribbles on the snow. A car passed and I turned to watch it, the rear lights gone before I counted to five. Tonight it is raining, maybe the snow will be gone, though it seems more storms are on the way. Regardless, last night got me thinking of the one photo above. You all know I use disposable cameras, and I took this photo from a train doorway before it closed. I love the photo, what's going on beyond the square of light? From the El that makes it the third story. Is it a home office, a kitchen? Is someone getting the crap beaten out of him for dropping the dime to the coppers? Could be 2003, could be 1953. Just a view from the El....Wayne