Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If You Believe

Nothing on Bubbly Creek yet, folks. Not trying to drag my photo trip last week out too long, but I've had to deal with a few minor things today involving a possibly-lucrative writing job (which I cannot talk about) to anti-inflammatory pain injections in my neck and forearm (which all of you are tired of hearing about), plus a few other things like watching parts of the All-Star Game and walking my dog. Years ago, I would get myself involved with projects with a specific artist that never saw fruit, as opposed to say, ANYthing that I worked on with Greg Loudon. Anyhow. Since I might find myself entering uncharted territories in this writing venture, if I'm even deemed worthy, I thought I might post the fastest thing I ever wrote as a paying gig. Sadly the words are not to be seen anywhere but here. My other artist friend wanted to do a circular painting based on the old Man In The Moon film from the 1920s. And he wanted me to give him a three word "title" (to appear in bold at the twelve o'clock spot) and exactly sixteen words to cover the rest of the outside. Even though the painting was never done as planned, here is what I wrote, northbound on the Pulaski bus between 71st and 63rd. My artist friend told me I had hit it dead on, but, well...other projects came up. But here you go, thinking of REM's song "Man In The Moon." Wayne

a wink of an eye
and practiced hands of the new
dreaming men