Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Snow Cuts The Deepest

I'm surprised I've never written about this before, maybe its because the last two years I've been doing this blog, the first snows have always come on days that I have been working and just didn't blog. I'm going to talk about sensation. My right side is always a mess because of the cerebral palsy, but my left arm has no real circulatory system, after all the operations on my left arm made the nerves wired wrong. We've had temperatures at -15 wind chill the past week, piece of cake after the first time. Snow is different, and this time it wasn't even from shoveling; I used the snow blower. I came back in and had to email NY before an editor's office closed and then a fellow writer in CO re: a joint project. The photos above might help by at least portraying my odd posture. The sensation takes me back to when my arm was in a bag of ice for days at a time throughout the spring of 1989. Demerol every three hours, Tylenol w/c codeine every half hour, yet I felt almost every minute of it. Fire and ice at the same time. I look at my own fingers yet they move as one, as if encased in some astronaut glove. Heat running through my palms at the same time my one finger touching the keyboard having the feeling of frozen cement. Just as with the ice bag in 1989, my fingers were splayed as if I was a hero drawn by Jack Kirby, the wrists cracking from cold and yet the palms burning up. Then the fingers, to type, I hear the wrist make a snapping noise, then its like I am a giant becaui se I start hittingmutiple keys at obnve and tyhemn I;'m poundinfg ojn the keybo0ard lijke a deaf man trying to tell someone a clue of some sort. The first snow always affects the skin baggie that is my left arm. A nemesis that always comes back to start the battle anew. Its good to be in a fighting mode again. Your chattel, Wayne