Thursday, May 2, 2013

3909 West 85th Street, Chicago

Last week I had the time to wander around my old neighborhood at 85th & Springfield. It was--as always--an odd experience. I took photos of both ends of the alley, a novelty now since Burbank has no alleys. There's the house. There's the weirdo tree with the 600 foot long branch. The house on Springfield has some infamy to it, back in 1975 a guy named Lourges was shot dead in his driveway as an Outfit hit. Then there's some shots of the odd little intersection of 85th Place (which had a total of about ten houses on it), Springfield, and Columbus (or, as it is commonly known, Southwest Highway). Walking back towards Pulaski (and then to 87th and my bus), I took the photos I came for, some nice ghost signs for Rosario's and a transmission place.