Thursday, December 17, 2009

Synchronisity in Space & Ashes

One of those weird little disconnects, where your brain takes a second to catch up. A couple of weeks back, I mentioned my friend who hung himself out in remote Victorville, California. Well, every day I check out Astronomy Photo of The Day, the last few have been shots of the Geminid meteor showers. Many of the photos posted you can find at TWAN (The World at Night), and if you checking out the night skies is your bag, check TWAN out, as you'll see posts from around the world. On December 14th, my friend's cremation viewing took place. The photo above, out of all the photos that could have popped up at APOD, was one taken by Wally Pacholka that same night, in Victorville, California. I am in no way making anything of this other than the crazy odd collision in the otherwise barrenness that is anything east of San Berdoo.