Sunday, February 10, 2008

Through The Looking Glass

I bought the NaturallySpeaking voice activation software last week. It got to the point that by denying it, Terry O'Quinn was going to shoot me. Even Kimble's and Gerard's ghosts were whispering about how to haunt me. As expected the going is slow, Wayne is weighing, crap like that. A new set of headphones I've bought might help. It gets easier each time I practice, though some sentences come out like some link on page 57 of Google, you know, bikini beef hotdog gold coast monkey pee money Jessica Alba Biel Savitch money lucky numbersAlan Alda sensitive bukkake Snickers bar public banana. But I'm looking at things different now, instead of thinking I'm surrendering my humanity by using VA, I've become more daring. I've walked through the looking glass and I'm not looking back. And the white knight is talking backwards and the red queen has lost her head...Wayne