Saturday, July 7, 2007

Prince Castle When Its 94 Degrees

See those veins in my temple? That's from the sun, which I relish more than I do the cold, the only down side being that I get wavering vision and can feel my heartbeat in my eyes and without my reading glasses I feel like the guy on the receiving end of that scalpel in the illustration. Today would have been a great day for Prince Castle, which Richard recalls, I'll wager. Went there as a kid, even when I lived in Humboldt Park and we traveled southward to see my auntie and uncle. The fortress stood at about 97th and Southwest Highway, and had multi-colored cubes of ice cream and sherbet. Maybe the cubes went with the castle motif, I don't know. Another place that is RIP, I think there is a Ford dealership there now...Wayne