Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lightning Burgers On Mars With Uncle Jr.

Even though I am not getting many comments on the *sigh* continued Elvis posts overall, I have yet to run out of twists and turns. This thread was not started because of the CD I received in the mail, its because next Thursday is Death Day. I may not post every day, but some things need to be put out into cyberspace, if only for those bored enough to do the One Blog Over thing to have their minds blown away by my All Things Elvis mind. Many mourn the recent passing of Weekly World News, but my favorite was always The Sun, which gave us headlines like "Elvis Lamp Sings Burning Love" and the one I've posted here. A curiosity: John Wayne his ownself--well, the ghost of his ownself--pops up here, too, and, the day he died of cancer, well, it was one of the nights I was working with the Elvis band. Lightning Burgers stood just across the street from Graceland. One who has never been there might assume that Elvis's gated mansion was on some cul-de-sac in some Willy Wonka area of Memphis, but it was a fairly simple house--never mind the interior color schemes--on land that was no bigger than some of the homes with horse stables down in Shelbyville. And the fact that the burger joint was across the street even when Elvis was alive and didn't suddenly start selling King Burgers, well, that's like Col. Saunders (CEO of KFC) and his wife running their restaurant a few blocks away from where my Uncle Jr. and Auntie Emma lived before the move to Finchville. That's Jr. up top, showing off staples after having a tumor removed, I figure I really don't see another segue coming along which would allow me to post this 1990 photo. Can't say I don't try hard to make these posts come full circle...Wayne