Sunday, June 20, 2010

sto ach gru ling?

Here are photos of a few signs I took in the last week or so. First, I want to again profess my adoration for yet another girl in an ad, the lady with the ICE debit cards seemed to pop up everywhere in the summer of 2007, but ONLY at currency exchanges. Full size cardboard cutouts, then the smaller ads. And now, since the spring, ads on the buses. I kind of like that, in each campaign, its the same smiling girl holding out the debit card. Hopefully, she's kept getting a steady income in royalties.

Central Camera is beneath the el tracks on Madison and Jackson, and is HUGE. I keep meaning to take a photo at dusk, when the neon is going. One day. I'm glad there are still businesses that keep the neon going even after the place has closed.