Sunday, July 22, 2007

If You're Hairy, You Belong On A Motorbike!

I'll be posting photos from Flashback Weekend once I actually have the money to get the film developed. Took some new ones with Michael Berryman, one where we look like two skinny, bald sumos giving each other the stink eye. The man's generosity towards his fans never ceases to amaze me. I spent way too much money on DVDs, buying quite a bit of anime for my niece Ashley at decent prices (along with a Misfits concert from 1983 which I'm sure will win me a glare from her mom), and several winners for my own shelf. MUD HONEY is a Russ Meyers' film I saw on Turner Classic Movies back in the spring, and the best I can describe it is a mix of COOL HAND LUKE and most of my family reunions in Kentucky, EL TOPO, an odd little Mexican grindhouse film, and...if you're hairy, etc.,...WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS. All made between 1965 and 1972, the last scared me as a kid by the title alone, as we lived off Southwest Highway, and you'd hear bikers more often than Amtrak trains late into the summer nights. I bought two Universal Monsters shirts, one with Frankenstein alone, because the current one I have--which seems to be my Wayne Meets Mike Berryman shirt--smells like ink and is somehow taking on a different form, it fits one side of my torso in a lopsided way now. I also bought one other DVD, THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, which truly deserves a blog entry all its own.