Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lost City Of The Damned

This is the way it is. I'm learning another guy's job at work so he can go on vacation from the lost city of the damned. This means that I myself must spend even more time in that damned lost city of the damned. I'm up at 5 AM and do not get home until about 7:40 PM, and this routine in the lost city of...well, you get the idea, will continue for another nine days. Yesterday I missed the last TwilightTales readings at the Red Lion, which is being torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. I didn't even have my computer on. I showered, ate as much food as there was in the house while I watched HEROES, and slept off my reality. The highlight of my day is that I get to leave work while it is still relatively light and can read while sitting at the curb. The 383 bus will appear from past the Cal Sag bridge and will pick me up near that light post with the green dolphin mailbox in the far left corner. This isn't even a good post, I am simply typing to lubricate my brain for an article on cyanide I need to research for Salem Press. A long time ago I heard the phrase "running on fumes" and I understand that now; I've worked long shifts before, but never with hours at a stretch of learning new computer input from a computer at another business altogether. If I eat now I will surely drop. Right now I think I might look like Conrad Veidt in THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI.