Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

When the plant was at the old location, 127th & Cicero, Burr Oaks Cemetery was directly east. They've made national news now because of digging up graves to bury new corpses. Lay two on top of each other, then get rid of one to make room for a third coffin. This is a fairly famous cemetery, Emmett Till, the kid murdered in Money, Mississippi by white biggot asshole pricks, is buried here. Seeing an overhead view from our local newscam was sickening, far against the area that borders the Cal Sag Channel, a place I described in detail many times here, there were broken caskets, crypts, and VISIBLE BONES STICKING OUT OF THE DIRT. Police were tipped off by a gravedigger who thought that the four pictured had gone over the line when they dismembered a dead body so that it would fit into a smaller grave.

Preople ask me why I write what I write. I don't make this stuff up. Charles and Sid are from Louisiana, so they get it. But if I didn't write about things like this I might be walking around with a baseball bat with every intent to use it.