Sunday, January 28, 2007

Storytellers Unplugged

There is a link to Storytellers Unplugged, after the name Mark Rainey, and this will connect you on a daily basis to a different writer posting a thought, story, essay, what have you, and it might be a cool link for the newer writings who catch my blog to check out. My first entry was today, as I stepped in when Chet Williamson bowed out, and all my entries will appear on the 28th of each month. Rainey, who edited DEATHREALM magazine and published both my earliest works (after GRUE) as well as my article and correspondence with John Wayne Gacy, which detailed the days up to the killer's execution, was the first one to tell me about this blog. Speaking of which, after the BTK Strangler was finally caught in Wichita (having hid out in the open as long as the Unabomber), Mark sent me the author photo in the center which bore an uncanny yet not-unexpected similarity to the killer. The photo of the guy on the right, I got no idea. David Niall Wilson nudged me further into joining the group and Joe Nassie finalized the deal. I'd be pleased to hear feedback on this rambling piece, as its probably the "blog entry" that will have the biggest audience, as the link is somehow connected, in ways that confound me, to LiveJournal. I'd look at the days of the month to read past articles by writers like Elizabeth Massie, Brian Hodge, and others. Take care, Wayne