Saturday, December 15, 2007

Halcyon Days in Rogers Park, 1985

I received two pieces of mail today, both reminiscent of my days living in Rogers Park before moving back home after my father had brain surgery. I had three roommates, Douglas Klauba, Gary Krejca, and Rich Stergulz, all artists. I keep meaning to post a painting Rich--now living in California--had auctioned off for wildfire relief, but you can see his website on the blog links. Doug always found time from his immensely busy schedule to illustrate ANYTHING of mine for free. For the fun of it. Not because I had Kodak Land Camera photos from the Bukkake ClownFest of 1982. Peggy Nadramia of GRUE magazine wanted this little chapbook of my poems to send out to subscribers and I picked up a copy from Daniel Breen, who owns a bookstore in Chapel Hill, NC, for six bucks. I might grab a few more if Santa is good to me. The other thing, well...Gary Krejca caused me to become a victim of The Four Sticks. He called my attention to the VCR at 11:11 PM and from that point on, more often than not, any digital clock would be flashing the four sticks instead of, say 11:14. We still exchange Happy Four Sticks emails on Veterans Day. I get several royalty checks every that are for stories that go back almost fifteen years, so it doesn't matter how small they are, its for something I've done nothing for. Well, take a look at the amount on the check that came the same day as Suburbs. I have been waiting years for a check like that. Check your clocks, everybody. What time is it? (Nope, its NOT Bukkake Clown Time, that's the first Sunday of every week...) Wayne