Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Best Kept Secret In Chicago

My 700th post, for those keeping track. You all everybody know I love me my postcards. There's a place I buy them at, but its, well, a porn shop. A huge, giant, ridiculously big porn shop. But in the front they sell VHS tapes, newspapers, and postcards at 5 for a buck. The heading here is from the side of the building, right there at 77th & Cicero, a square brown box between an Arby's and the Saratoga Motel. Well, I bought 50 postcards, holy crap, right? But I still had to stand in line behind those renting or buying videos and those buying, well, gifts of some sort. I was able to get multiple cards of those shown and many others, but there was only one of the creepy dolls at the bottom. So I'm keeping that one for myself.