Friday, April 10, 2009

Two-Flats & Vinegar Vats

Last Saturday I was downtown and on the way home I got off the el at the Western stop. There was a specific set of apartment buildings I wanted to take photos of, at 49th between Western and Oakley. Well, I walked towards Oakley, and I could see the massive yellow Wheatland Tube Building further north; I'm walking east now, trying to catch which block these apartments are on. I'll post those tomorrow, but I never ever knew there was a vinegar factory right where the el tracks bend west again. Well, here it is, vats and all. I even took a photo of the apartments that were on the opposite side of the street. The buildings I was looking for were on 48th, so my walking down the wrong street was a bit of a happy accident. Except for the odor of vinegar.