Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Infamous Crawlspace & The I-Beam of Blood

I've finally gotten around to uploading the photos, in no particular order, of the interior of my crawlspace, which runs the length of the living room. Last summer I had an incident where I had to keep checking on the secondary sump pump, and there was an I-beam separating us. I get spasms after being contorted into weird shapes, so I probably slammed my head into the I-beam (like hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes) about 5 times before I thought to wrap a towel around where the bloody flecks marked the spot.

I promised to get photos of this hellish hole the next time I had to deal with things, this time it was adding yet more distilled water to the little tube-things in the battery. I have a Canon something or other, like a PowerShoot dealie, and I think all of the photos came out good. So for all those who care or are just glad to see the money shot of my forehead with the I-dent in it from last summer, have at it.