Thursday, December 9, 2010

Incident Near the Old Stearns Quarry

Not much to say here. On FB, you can see my Stearns Quarry album, its now a park, but you can see the high rock walls of what had been one of the stranger things in this city. A quarry surrounded by three-flats and bungalows. Well, on my way there to meet Mike Martinez, I walked up Archer towards Halsted and took photos. Passed the noodle place, then the massage place. Turned the corner towards the currency exchange and about crapped myself when I pretty much walked right into that plastic spider. Yes, I was laughing later, but one day I will tell you all about my dream/nightmare I had when I was 5, about the upside down, milk-white giant spider and how I was saved by the Mr. Salty mascot.