Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Tombstone Will Be My Diploma

From a quote by Eartha Kitt, who passed away today. She said how she learned something new every day, and that the tombstone would be her diploma. I'm lucky I even heard the news, its been so crazy here. From hideously cold temps to thunderstorms and literal four inch stacks of ice in the streets, and now more freezing rain and flash flood warnings because of the tons of snow and ice; we surpassed the wettest December on record about a week back. I get spasms in my neck quite easily, and last night (well, early today), I was checking that the water was at the 12-cup mark in the coffee pot and then I was cold-cocked as my neck jerked and my temple went into the corner of the cabinet. I woke up on the floor holding my head, I doubt if I was out for more than a minute or so, my hand covered in blood, but very little on the carpet. The wound bled for about an hour, but I was able to pour SuperGlue into it and then sleep with a bandanna on, like I was a pirate. Before and after shots up above, you can see SuperGlue works wonders, so who really needs health insurance? I haven't had any since March 2005.I think this will heal fine, so I'm still at Scar 39. If you visit my blog 18 March 1989, you'll see most of the other scars. Then there's my Mitchum blog. Man, Bobby the Mitch and Eartha the Kitt in a film together, that would have been the cat's pajamas.

Heading west into the black...Your chattel, Wayne