Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicago Vienna

Just as we have our pizza, we have our hot dogs. At one time, there'd be as many Dave Berg signs hanging under the logo of a hot dog joint as there were ZIMNE PIWO signs beneath Old Style logos. I enjoy Gold Coast myself, because I can then eat the dogs as I'm walking up the steps to the el. Odds are, I'll finish my second dog just before I slap my fare card to the turnstile. You get a crapload of fries with each dog, so if I buy four dogs, I'll have a hefty bag of fries. I found a Google diagram of the perfect hot dog, Vienna-style. I miss the Dave Berg signs, though.

Six Degrees of I'm Not Certain

I will always manipulate the universe with scissors and tape. And so it was that I saved a photo of Jeff Osier from my infamous 4th of July party in 1996--infamous in that it stands as the coldest day of record, July 3rd barely hit 45 degrees--and made him hover over the two Superdawgs, which Rich has named in his comment on my previous post. Then Harry got an idea and a few years after the 4th of July AND the Amazing Colossal Superdawg photo, Harry mailed me (yes, via the USPS) what he called "Awooga," and so, when I scanned it into my computer, I kept the name intact. Now, I must tell you all that Jeff Osier is the number one believer in Superdawg's, he took his wife Cathy Van Patten there right after she moved here from Virginia, and I think they still have SD sweatshirts. I found the photo in a copy of Tribune magazine and thought, you know, I could cut around the edges of the building a slide in the photo of Jeff on the pool ladder. This is how my mind works nearly 90% of the time. What kind of goofy thing can I do next? Well, I think I'm done with Superdawg, but I thought it might be best to get these three images all in a row, for the sake of future generations.