Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Night Therapy

I had wanted to post about WATCHMEN, Alan Moore, and the topic of symmetry (and how it seems to currently pertain to Season 5 of LOST), but it aint gonna happen. I'm pretty sore from a long night of typing, that new profile pic of me is not photoshopped, I can rubberband my neck when it is this inflamed. So for now I'm posting something I got a laugh from. But first, let me say, yes, this Phil guy is a dick. And these so-called Motivational Posters are goofy because they aren't even constructed well (an example I'm making up, but it still works, BOOBS: Women Have Them). An old chum from the plant emailed just this one, and I'm sharing it, since it is to the point, and it sure seems like its meant to be a comment on my body today. Hmnn, symmetry after all. Maybe.