Monday, April 9, 2007

The Sword Of Time

Fair warning, this entry will be all over the place. The Lamactal I take for being bipolar sometimes makes a rod pop in my brain and I get quite suicidal. This only lasts for a day or so and I keep the wolves at bay, but right now all I can think about is replacing the broken glass inside my fingers and shoulders with one huge shard sticking out of my eye and another in my throat. Why the title of the entry? Its from the theme from the film M*A*S*H, where I got the title for my novella PAIN GRIN. The swords of time will pierce our skin/it doesn't hurt when it begins/but as it works its way on in/the pain grows stronger, watch it grin. I am in a fetal position, chewing on my shirt collar as I type this. Not out of vanity, afterI finish my blog entry I need to finish a story for the HELL IN THE HEARTLAND anthology. In an email I received earlier, Mike Fountain (see my links) suggested that Roger Dale Trexler put together a book of my photos and certain blog entries. The idea behind my even starting this blog, back when it was Meanwhile@Stately Wayne Manor was because Sid Williams and Rachel Drummond (again, see links), two of my personal saviours, thought that some of my emails to them warranted being seen by others. Finding out I could post photos sealed the deal. Which brings me to tonight's photo: I truly believe that I entertain people with making my veins pop out of my head because I want to get an aneurysm and die at my computer or on a bus like Ratso Rizzo in MIDNIGHT COWBOY. Thanks for putting up with me, everybody, on nights when I when I want to call it quits. Your chattel, Wayne