Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleeping Off The Vertigo

I've been brief in the last posts as I've concentrated on my fiction for a change, and today my brevity must continue because I have cadged myself a pair of reading glasses that are too weak and giving me a headache. Earlier today, I was on the porch reading a Mister Terrific story in my ALL-STAR HEROES archive when my dog knocked over my Honey-Nut Cheerios, I took off my good glasses (i.e., the ones I paid a dollar for at Dollar Tree) and then as I picked up the cereal, the ants already converging, my dog proceed to stick the glasses up his ass, causing much sympathy from me, as I imagined the same kind of pain that I had back in the 90s when I was changing pants in the back of the comic store and sat on a case of Mountain Dew bottles in my underwear (of course, there is a much longer story to be told here, but not tonight). I mentioned standing on the el platforms and taking photos of the random demolition, as well as sneaking peeks at the pretty young women of summer. The top photo is who I saw when I got to the bottom of the steps at Wabash and Madison, the other two photos are of what I saw near the top of the stairs at the same platform. I tore my name off a few business cards and tossed them into the daylight abyss to confuse future generations.