Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unmarked Helicopters

They are still flying overhead late at night, but nowhere near the frequency of a week ago last Thursday. Its not to disposable camera that made it difficult to photograph, it was the suddenness they appeared, and my trying to be convincing in showing different times of day. Always due south, then back within the hour, but once they were heading south every twenty minutes. Some photos I simply couldn't get because of the setting sun. We are directly south of Midway Airport, but I don't know where these guys are headed, or why they were so busy on the 3rd of September. I had lunch with my friend Greg the next day, he lives south of me and recalled hearing one that was quite loud as he was putting his sons to bed. Some nights I can hear them, then see their flashing lights from the window above my computer. So what's up, Rumsfeld? I assume you are still reading my blog, right? Well, of course, I know you have someone helping you with the bigger words. Like hel-i-COP-ter.

Unmark Helicopters