Friday, March 2, 2007

my nemesis has returned

after my boss was ready to call homeland security because he took a call from the best buy geek squad idiot who referred to himself as agent gerardo--c'mon, shorten my name to wayn al-sallee, not much of a stretch--everything was straightened out and we had a good laugh like at the end of the barney miller show when the frame froze with everyone slapping their knee in laughter. well, aol is up and running, though i am typing this from work because of the lower case, and i swear its because the area is so so so cramped that i cannot even put my right hand anywhere near the keyboard, yes i know i could cap lock type cap unlock, but that would be too much like dancing with the stars with bill gates in a windows-colored thong as my partner, no thank you and put me on that island steve mcqueen tried to escape from. i swear to christ that that geek squad fuckburger almost got me in for a nice q and a session with jr. and sr. both. but later tonight i shall make my way past the still falling snow, wondering when western society will cave in on itself, think about young kids headbanging in johannesburg and fellow writers' workplaces being shot up in texas, the giant dome of sternberg hovering over the entire northern hemisphere like a big chewy gumdrop full of doom, and get caught up on my emails. so watch out, kate and charles and etain and sid and bob and von and, yes, even you, stewart. peace out, i'm back. wayne