Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I wonder if its time to figure out Murder Inc. Well, Buenos Aires might have been needed just to get Argent from Argentina. Argent is a silvery metal most often known for being a heraldic symbol. It is often depicted as white when there are words or symbols in engravings. (I guess like in caves.) Is Dougie the herald? Silver fork, silver mustang. And we did see that the moon right now is half full. Or at least the shot of it was what it will look like on the night Log Lady dies/died and her log turned to gold. Check out the link. I Googled if you can mix gold with argent, which came up as silver. I guess argent is a form of silver. In heraldry, you DO NOT put metal upon metal. So perhaps by turning something gold, it then cannot be corrupted by the silver. I dunno.

You can make a pager beep and bend silver through remote viewing, like Uri Geller was famous for. Should this be sent to Doc Jensen?

So you're stumped. A log stump. Where that whiny kid shot himself.

It would be nice if Dougie lived, the gold separated from the silver, and he stayed looking more like Cooper than Jones, which I know made Janey-E happy-E. Dale will kill BOB and I always thought that Hawk would die, just because.