Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marquette Manor

That trainer who was killed at Seaworld last week? Her private funeral was at St. Rita's today, right off 63rd and California. Last summer when I walked the walk longer, I couldn't size up a decent shot as all the gates were locked. Critical Mass Chris told me they now have padded locks on the confessionals.

That one day I stopped at Fat Johnnie's, I took the Western bus down to 63rd, St. Rita's was visible about five blocks east. There really wasn't much in the way of photo ops, and this horizontal snow had started up pretty fierce. I lucked out in finding the Marquette Manor off Artesian. Along Archer and 63rd, its fairly common to see apartment buildings with names etched in stone, not the crazy hipster signs on new town homes and the like. The fire seemed fairly recent, as some of the windows still had broken glass jutting from the frames. Sad, really. I could imagine what the place looked like inside now and what it looked like in 1975. That's as far as my trek took me that day, as a bus was coming and I took it to the train, then towards home. I did get a nice shot of the fog as I looked north, this was on 59th near that vinegar factory. The sign for the trains is one I took already, but I like this one because of that figure lurking in the corner of the viaduct. He wasn't really working, he was just smoking while waiting on the next bus.