Friday, April 3, 2009

Crime Scenes & Tapeworms

In my stories, over the years, bad things happened in these photos. Top one: a body was found, you wouldn't think it, but a pool hall is just off camera to the right. Jefferson & Canal is what you see when you leave downtown and walk to the Greyhound Station, a half mile that can be quite scary, even for me. (What seems to work best is my talking out loud like Whit Bissell in I WAS A TEEN-AGE WEREWOLF.) Lots of stuff happens in the tiny alleys between the three flats all over the city. There's an odd little Y-shaped one near the Red Lion (kind of a three-way intersection), and once I cut through the V top to cut a few minutes off my getting to the el and in the I part there were some guys doing something involving something because everything stopped and then we all continued on. Again, I praise Whit Bissell. But what to do about these tapeworms? Was this for real? And we all write made-up fictionalized stories, right?