Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glen Orbik & The American Century

I've added Horatio Salt to my "Unusual Subjects" blog links off to the left, feel free to check the guy out. He can put words together like nobody's business, occasionally with a photo or art as inspiration. (Horatio also hipped me to Tumblr, which will keep a running entry of any number of places I jot things down, be it this blog here, Twitter, Facebook (which I treat as the kids next door having an all night party, giving away gifts and joining clubs, but, hey, its me inside just saying that I can't keep up). WayneManor.tumblr.com. (I did forget to check if I could hook up my Bobby The Mitch blog, something to look into at a later date.) Tumblr is cool, like keeping three notebooks together in the same spacetime. Well, back to what I started out talking about. No, no, go read Horatio's work, I can wait...

...ok. Glen Orbik certainly has more Daniel Brereton to him than Alex Ross when it comes to comics covers, if you saw his work for DC, you'd see that he's the only guy who can make Superman look swarthy. Big-lipped swarthy. There was a series in the early double-aughts--its what I call this decade, after Jethro Bodine wanting to be a spy like that double-aught seven guy--that DC put out called AMERICAN CENTURY. The covers are flat out beautiful, you'd see the newest issue on the shelf and you'd swear you could reach through the cover and touch the characters' hats or bellies or feel the breeze in most every scene. I found these covers at his website. I wish I could see everything this way, I'd certainly be a better writer.