Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mid-Life Career Changes

Hey, at one point I was going to be Slappy the clown before getting my last job literally a day before my being fitted for a clown costume. Now I am again looking for work, and two things I found I might do would be to sketch nudes of Abe Vigoda and then sell them on eBay or make lamps out of dead squirrels, hey, the information is all right there, people. Maybe I'll become a radio technician and scowl and have wavy hair like the guy in the 1940 ad above. Its the back cover of my oldest comic, BLUE BEETLE#6. The back up features were Dynamite Thor and Sub Saunders, but nobody was fighting the Nazis or the Japanese because we weren't in WWII yet. No ads for war bonds or paper drives. Yet every other issue I have of the Golden Age Blue Beetle will have every story centered around fighting the real villains of the 1940s, except for a few issues when BB went to Saturn. I still love that ad, though. The guy was making more than twice his salary and looking like someone just made him sniff a dirty cold medina right before the flashbulb went off. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out in the rain to look for squirrels...Wayne