Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Four Deuces

2222 South Wabash. The last surviving building that had survived as Al Capone's HQ. I took the Archer Avenue bus there one winter, walking down Cermak where a guy tried to get me to donate to some charity after he had me sign my name to a petition with a--get this!--purple Crayola. (This was in my pre-Jonny Algiers days, I used random signatures back then when I needed one in a pinch, Richard Kimble, William Shatner, Billy Carter). I couldn't get any decent photos from of the interior and the outside looked bland, but for the side facing the lake which had these wonderful posters half torn off one outer wall. The other photo was of Ronny's BBQ after it was demolished, with just a poke of the red CNA Plaza in the background. That was what I was hoping for at the Four Deuces, something cool like the CNA fragment, or even some errant bus or el train.