Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fifth Avenue

The most common way for anyone driving straight south from west of Pulaski to get onto I-90 is by doing a diagonal on seedy, beat-up Fifth Avenue, which a century ago was Colorado Street. I talk much of the areas that are being infested by town homes, but everything around here is nothing but squalor. I took these photos at the start of the kayaking trip, the one where I finally took photos (too many!) of the Sixteenth Street Bridge, and I'll get to those tomorrow. These shots of Fifth are from right off Cicero going east. See, I live on Leclaire, the other side of Cicero. For awhile, every major street starts a new letter, up north the city streets go as far as P. But the closer you get to Pulaski proper (where the K's start), its just plain sad.