Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Went Wrong?

Keeping this short as my keyboard's messing up, low on batteries. Actually got a lot done by handwriting, not typing. I had a bunch of photos I wanted scanned, and was able to complete that task as well. (I will let the spell-checker fix the words, as the n and c are not working. If that were the only problem, the space bar often does not work.) So I came across one I took of my dad circa 1980 or so, in the basement of our old house. I like that there are three of him in the photo. The reflection and the framed shot, which was taken in the parking lot of Old Chicago. That was a failed indoor amusement park, but you can still see the interior in the 1977 film THE FURY. So, there's my dad and then there's me. What went wrong?