Monday, August 20, 2007

Downtown Again, Naturally

Even I was getting tired of looking at me in that Resevoir Dog Elvis pose. Hmnnn, Reservoir Hound Dog, Sid, get me Tarentino on the phone yesterday. Gramlich, get me rewrite! Yesterday, Greg Loudon came by and I posed for him for the cover of the new trade edition of THE HOLY TERROR. Greg did the cover of FIENDS BY TORCHLIGHT and his work can be found in his sketchbook CRUEL & UNUSUAL, and I basically posed as one of the Painkiller's victims. I went downtown after work on Saturday to take a few background photos with my disposable Kodak from CVS, kind of showing Greg my idea of the vanishing point of the cover, I guess. He will be taking similar shots of that alley with the elevated train tracks with his digital camera. The alley runs behind the Chicago Theater and actually looked much different in 1989, the year the novel is set. Its called Benton Place and the background buildings were not even under construction, the parking garage to the right was the old Trailways bus terminal, with Mammy's Restaurant in front. I took other photos, but the main one was of that alley where the Painkiller put the novel in full motion. The other shot is of the theater's fire escapes--I love fire escape photos, all angles and metal--and a quick shot of pigeons in the moment before the Orange Line pulled in. This would be the el line you see in the background of the alley shot....Wayne