Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Every Man Has A Flaming Cow

I should have posted this photo last night, straight across the street is where Dave stood, but not this day. Back in the day, we had painted cows all over the place. Then other cities did strange things like put painted bunnies and ducks around their own streets. The best variation of the theme I saw in Omaha: someone would paint a bus stop bench and a poet would add words only after the art was completed. Kind of like my man in the moon poem. At one point I had photos of several cows that had been scattered across downtown, and even in upper floors of certain buildings. Moo Are Here. A cow jumping over a moon, one with a transit map painted in exquisite detail on it. This is the only one I've saved. And it was the only cow that was stolen. It has been a hellish day, folks. One of those deep dive days that I get from my bipolar meds. I'll be better tomorrow and I'd rather be like this now than to be hallucinating about suicide windows for three days straight. Been filling out online forms for filing for SS/Disability. There should be a YouTube of my screaming at the computer screen because of the quirks of each particular section. Can I not just TYPE my state initials instead of typing IL and having it change to LA because you are supposed to SCROLL to find your state. Its two fucking letters, people. Like typing BTW for "by the way." C'mon now. Anyhow. This cow has helped me through bad days in the past, physical, mental, electromagnetic, gravitational, you name it. Wayne's Unified Theory of Bipolar Conductivity. Elvis once starred in a film called FLAMING STAR, and the title held a meaning, one of...doom! And so I will sometimes see the photo of the cow or think of it and sing (usually loud enough to frighten my border collie) Everyman has a flaming cow, a flaming cow over his shoulder, and ever man who sees that flaming cow, he knows his time, his time has come... and that's my anecdote for the night. Thanks for visiting the asylum. Leave the rubber mallets where you found them and the invisible night shift will take care of things....Your chattel, Wayne