Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception Perception

Well, I'm sitting here in my jeans with the window open, Stan Getz gets preference because its sax out an open window at 1 AM. We'll get that warm air back, but for now, well, its nice. Now to tell you about my strange and hideous afternoon. Even though several people had warned me against this, I went to see Inception at the IMAX at Navy Pier about twelve hours ago. Remember: I vomited after sneaking in on Avatar in 3-D. The film was great, and I can understand why people want to see it a second time, if only to make more sense of things. Watching from a different layer.

My head hurt, I got very cold (but that might have been the guys playing with the thermostat). I tried sleeping, but I think I was awake, or at least was nodding off in those odd 90 second drifts you do here in Chicago after working an eight hour day at a shitty job and it is 30 below outside. I watched through to the end and simultaneously understood the ending ahead of time as well as not knowing what the holy blue fuck was going on. And then it got more interesting. I found out that there was a huge black splotch over my left eye.This floating circle that left me flailing into the bathroom. And from there, I lost the next four hours.Like being on a driunk, I recall taking the #29 bus back towards downtown, but I was also in the subway, which is all and good, as the #29 will stop at the entrance to the Red Line. I have that new generic digital camera--maybe I haven't brought that up yet--and I had a bunch of photos that I went through earlier. I'm pretty sure I was trying to see how my left eye was doing, as you can see by the squiggly line photo. I have about eight photos of that goofy eye, and my first lucid memory was of being in Barnes & Noble around 6 PM. The film let out at 3:45 PM. Lost time.

More Michelle

There was such an outpouring of love for my post both here and on Facebook that its quite obvious that more photos of Ms. Rodriguez should be posted again tonight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look, Man, I didn't see the photo until today...

Michelle Rodriguez talking about being in Machete, the first film Danny Trejo is starring in. Wizard World is in a few weeks, Michelle was here last year, and it would be great to see her again this year. But if Trejo shows up I am going to shit in my pants and then have him sign them. I will do just that.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My 900th Post, So Its Gonna Be Dames

Yep. The lady in the t-shirt is Ginger Zee, our own weathergal on WMAQ Channel 5, and my email and Facebook and Friendfeed buddy, Gulnar Durosey Ozturk from Istanbul, and January Jones, whom I have never met. And, of course I had to add Supergirl, if only because she was asking about Charles Bukowski.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waverly Hills, TB Heaven

I posted many more of these photos on Facebook, as well as Flickr, but I might as well have a few here, seeing as how I have mentioned Waverly Hills on my blog before. Situated on one of the highest hills in Louisville, this place is wild. Off the chain, as the young people say nowadays. 63,000 dead from tuberculosis, a good percentage of them kids. Being the only TB joint in the country, the doctors were allowed to act like Nazis. They laid sandbags on people for days at a time, they took ribs out of people. Two at a time, eventually reaching eight in total. So very little is known of what went on there in the 1930s. A nurse supposedly hung herself in Room 502. The place closed in the early 1970s, at that time it was just a nursing home. Enjoy the photos, gang.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Doormat For Love

Let's face it, Lois and Superman would have been playing these games even now if they hadn't gotten married in 1997. Obedient Puppet? Coconut Juice? You're Yesterday, Baby!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I took all of these photos on the same day, June 25th. The large woman was at the Taste of Chicago, in the 90+ degree sun. She was directly across from the souvenir stand, so I'm fairly sure she was OK, and there were plenty of cops checking in on folks. Later that day I walked back to the Wabash el station, and there was this guy in the alley next to the Cultural Center. I gave him a few dollars, I never spend much at the Taste, mostly because I no longer drink. I'll hunt down Connie's Pizza or a Gold Coast Dogs. The guy just wasn't up to talking, past to himself, and he reminded me of Sid Ceaser in an odd way. The guy in the middle I saw on the next corner, he likely was homeless, and he was a very angry dude, yelling at everything and everyone. And that was Friday, June 25th, 2010 in downtown Chicago.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Storm, Gold Face Wayne

The end of the roll, so I turned out gold. With a big beak. I went to the Bistro on the Lake yesterday afternoon, summer readings at 1:30 PM. Fullerton and the lakefront. Where my folks used to hang out in the 1940s. I was just getting off the Red Line and walking down the stairs to ground level; there were three booms of thunder low enough to make the steel railings vibrate. By the time I was on the street, the rain had slowed to a drizzle.  Right before you get to the beach, its about a mile walk, there's an overhead walkway. Or street, for all I know. But, bammo. All I saw was darkness, speeding away eastward. The photos can't do it justice, but I think you'll get the idea.  I later found out that the storm went on to hit Hammond, Indiana quite hard, tearing up city blocks.