Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amazed That No One Bought It Yet

Well, I must say that I was amazed to see that incredibly beautiful Kodak sign right where I remember it, even though the store now rents videos. If I had someplace to hang that sign, I'd buy it. If I drove I car (of course, now I'm talking alternate realities), I would proudly display it from my passenger window. And yes, screw oncoming traffic! I get my revenge after all. The pawn shop ghost sign is just a few doors down. The other two photos are back towards the 8th District. Those wonderful bright yellow viaducts where the Grand Trunk RR rolled by overhead, and a small church on the side street where I photographed the house with the wind vane. That photo I took because I love creepy staircases. I would be scared when that door opened in broad daylight, seriously. Tomorrow, the last of the photos. And the story of how I hitchhiked a ride from a child molester. True story. I plan to to tell as many true and frightening stories as I can in October. So there you go.