Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And So It Goes

Well, I thought it best to gather all my photos of the Widow Debo's house at various times since my move to Burbank in June of 1999 and the monstrosity which replaced it a few years back. The Widow Debo pretty much lived between her living room and kitchen, and so the rest of the insides of her place were in terrible condition. You can see how oddly shaped her house was next to my bi-level, her house was built in 1946. The trees were torn down in 2003 so that sidewalks could be layed down, then in 2004 Debo broke her hip, then fell again in the hospital and died there. In a series of tales too mind-numbing to recount here, mostly involving Romanian squatters and rabbit harvesters, the house was eventually demolished before there was a buyer for the land. You can see what eventually was built where Ruth Debo's once quaint Hansel & Gretel abattoir once stood. Two million to buy the land and build the house. Which is in foreclosure. Its a three car garage, and there are always tire treads leading to the farthest one on the left. A repo guy was talking to me once, he sauntered over as I sat with my dog reading a CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN trade, about the property owner having a Lexus that was $48,000 behind in payments. Guess its easier to spot his comings and goings when there is snow on the ground. There is a portion of the upstairs above the garage rented out to an elderly couple, I suspicion that rent goes to help on mortgage back payments, hence the guy stashing his expensive car within. So, this is the story, for all of you who have heard bits & pieces of the monster house next door, the one that destroyed the one section of night sky available to me. At least when someone is dropping me off or picking me up, the directions are easy: I'm in the house you cannot see until you pass the gigantic monstrosity next door.