Monday, October 26, 2009

Universal Monster Monday VII (Sort Of)

Well, not really at all. These are my Outer Limits cards. The originals from 1965 or so. But first, the night. The Monday readings are somewhat split in two, and today there were no readings at all. I spent time talking with Mike about DC Comics and when the first Julie, Darci, and Becky showed, we just talked in a surprisingly empty room. I was in the bathroom when a girl opened the door, luckily it wasn't a scene from FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH. Oh, and I found an ad in FILMFAX for the old Diver Dan shows that aired on Ray Rayner. It was surprisingly warm up north but fairly chilly, so my hands are curled up like crab hands or whatever crabs have. First night of gloves for me. Rare for October. Hardly any cars on the rainy streets, neither on Cicero OR 87th, and it was very, very quiet out. No wind to hit the leaves and make them fall. Silent like a winter night when you can hear your footsteps on an inch of snow like erasers hitting a blackboard.

I love the face on The Thing From Mercury, but could care less about the medallion. Maybe they have have Scientology on other planets, I dunno. But I ALWAYS wanted me one of those masks, if they ever had them made. Television Terror was, I believe, the first episode. Cliff Robertson hangs out at this scientist's pad, the guy built what he thought would be, well, it was like an ant form with the supposed atmosphere for a planet circling Wolf 359. I think this is why the episode stuck with me, the name of the star. Certainly not obscure, it is about 14 light years away, but for me, just plain cool that they didn't just make up a star like they did on STAR TREK. Captain's Log, Stardate 1111.11, we are circling the star Proxima Batshit X-3, etc. etc. Well, actually this WAS the first episode, this is card #1. This silicon being comes out of a TV and wanders a deserted street, lots of leaves and scary reflections in business windows. Robertson gets rid of it by turning the TV off.

I believe The Man From The Future (#11) was played by David McCallum. He tells everyone about an atomic war and vanishes, then the world leaders all shake hands. This was way before suicide bombers. Another dude from Mercury, this one wearing a hip, mohair sweater. I have NO idea who or what Jelly Man is, maybe for the better.

I end this with what is both the coolest episode name as well as the far-outedness of the bugs with little Abe Vigoda-like faces. The Xanthi Misfits, how about that for a name? Bruce Dern wanders in the desert after his car breakss down, his girl staying behind. We see this spaceship land and the silhouette of these guys looking out a viewscreen at Dern pretty much getting paid for stumbling around in a circle. We all see the Abe Vigoda bugs in the very last scene. But I absolutely love that name...The Xanthi Misfits. Someone had their thinking cap on that day.