Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seven Bullets

Finally they are posting this on the buses. Back in early February, one of our coldest, the snow drifts were icebergs, a man walked into the Lane Bryant's in Tinley Park and tied up the manager, customers, and two women who had entered during the hold-up. The women's hands were tied with duct tape and the store manager called 911 on her cell. There is a record of the man's voice on the phone, as there is of the seven shots he fired into the heads of the women. One survived, a young lady visiting from New Orleans. This is why there is a detailed sketch in the first place. He'll get caught, maybe for something else. More than likely, he bragged, and when some guy needs to cut a deal, he'll give his buddy up for a shorter sentence. Myself, I live in a world of dark yet righteous thoughts. I read my Act of Contrition early, sort of like Proactive Contrition. If it was the two of us and I had a magical gun, well, I'd pick six joints at random and disintegrate his bones (granted I'm that good a shot; you've seen my face after shaving). Knees, elbows, collarbone. I'd walk away with the last bullet cocked and the gun in that cowardly bastard's mouth. I'd walk away and think my long thoughts. And I would sleep well.