Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome To Chicago

This man should be beaten with a baseball bat after watching each of his friends similarly killed. Judge, Jury, & Executioner, The Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost.

And Now, Chicago

Chicago At @$#^*% Night

Spooky Chicago, my ass. Aw crap, its Holy Week, I'm doing another 52 years in purgatory, ah well. No, I did not write about the goth dead chicks, I had an article about all of the hallowed haunting grounds in this sinful city. It was 70 degrees on Sunday, and it is currently 28 and dropping. What the Geronimo H. Bald headed Christmas is going on? Who has my slice of the global warming pie? The only saving grace from this frightening return to semi-winter is the wonderful panel of Superman--ahem!--trying to explain to Supergirl why they can't have sex. Or go see a movie. Or read Roald Dahl stories aloud to each other as they sat from opposite ends of a big, giant bubble bath. Wearing fedoras.