Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Cut Is The Deepest

I had a different post planned, but that was before we got three inches of snow in the past two hours. Back from shoveling, I'm typing with two fingers curled under my left middle finger, the only one with any real circulation. Check out the photos, the nine operations effectively ruined me below the elbow, part of my forearm is hollow, part thick with a chunk of hipbone. Knuckles are glass, a cliche, but still. Wait, let me concentrate through my grinning: nope, the closest I can come is nails through each joint. Red hot nails. My left hand is shaded in goth. It will all be better soon, or so I lie to myself. Dig the first photo, me in Nashvile WFC90 after the first scar came visiting. That was when I was Jimmy Neutron meets Charles Nelson Reilly. Thank Christ there were no author photos back then...Wayne