Saturday, October 10, 2009

Horror of Party Beach, Epilogue

Well, Bob thought that maybe the monsters were Republicans, and Charles thought it had to do with pickling the humans. Neither was close. But we do find out almost immediately that the monsters somehow feed off the blood, and then Beyonce screams as one of the monster's severed hands moves. They pour sodium on it and it dissolves. Sodium. As in salt. As in salt water. Which is where the monsters came from. The. Idiots. Well, Elaine is off traipsing over at Glenwood Quarry and Hank is speeding past Times Square, party beach is in Connecticut, so you got me on this geography-stuff. Well, everyone converges on the monsters and dump the sodium on them. Elaine was slashed on the leg and Hank comes to visit her in her bedroom. THE END. Also, you might note that I have been tearing the book apart as I scanned the pages. And yes I did, because I have my own pristine copy, along with THE MOLE PEOPLE follow-up. This one I bought for two bucks back in the day and it was missing a back cover and generally falling apart. But I did have the advert on the last page, but I have never seen a copy of SPACEMEN magazine. Anyhow, this is the end of HORROR AT PARTY BEACH week. Thank you and please come again.