Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Computer Is My Nemesis, Chapter 27

Well, my blog is back after being in the cyber-wind for about fourteen hours. Here's how I screwed up THIS TIME. I wanted to add the Storytellers Unplugged blog to my blog bio or whatever its called, simply so that I could better enter my essay on the 28th of each month. David Niall Wilson explained how easy it was, and I accomplished said task, but somehow--alien manipulation, Philip K. Dick's spirit, Donny Rumsfeld surfing through midget porn via hacking my IP yet again--I DELETED this blog, the Frankenstein blog. Well, Karl at Blogger Team helped me out while I was working yesterday, acting quickly because I sent the same message repeatedly, The Computer Remains My Nemesis. And I might've mentioned Dick Cheney staring in a hentai film on YouTube, I forget. So now I explain the photos. First, here I am searching through endless windows as I was jacked into cyberspace like Case in Gibson's NEUROMANCER. Afterwards, I was so tired, I of course napped at the Pace bus stop, somehow wearing Neo's Matrix duster (which I bought for $24.00 from the Salvation Army near that selfsame Pace bus stop. Lastly, I thought I'd have to fall back on my old ways; instead of blogging, I'd have to come up with catchy ways of advertising myself. Anything to actually keep myself from writing new fiction, right? You all know me well enough, indeed. Your chattel, Wayne