Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wish Bar Waterfall

First off, I found some mention of Sterling beer on Google, surprisingly little, considering it is the Old Style of Kentucky. So now I know Charles was weaned on Schlitz and yes, Bob, that one building is Schuba's, so Rich Who Won The Nebula's comment about Schlitz-built buildings holds true.

I had forgotten about the waterfalls. We even had one in our basement. The thing looked like the water moved because of white and blue lights on the back of the sign. There is a Polish tavern on the corner of Iowa and Western that I call The Wish Bar. Place smelled like aloe from the factory workers who shot pool. There was a Hamm's waterfall behind the bar. One night it seemed as if someone had played "The Money Polka" about twenty times in a row, and I wished that the music would stop. Bam, just like that, a power failure. Torrential downpour. No more accordion music, no more waterfall. I drank my soda in silence and then ordered another.