A nude woman claiming to be the "goddess of the train" halted southbound Red Line service for a short time early Saturday afternoon until police could escort her off to jail at the Granville station.
The "goddess" said she was going to the front car to drive the train and told everyone else to get off, according to Anne, who shared these photos.
Granville nude 1
Granville nude 2 obscured
Granville nude 3a
No doubt the actions of this woman prompted this CTA alert sent at around 1 p.m. today:
"Some 95th-bound Red Line trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier disturbance aboard the train at Granville."
That's a disturbance one doesn't see too often.
As Anne put it in her email to me: "Just a normal day at Granville." Though she did add: "This tops anything I have seen in 20 years riding the CTA.