Sunday, November 8, 2009

Creeple People Like You & Me

I know my content has been low, nothing weird going on in my life, just coasting along away from the keyboard. Here's one of the posts I had saved up for before Hallowe'en. And somehow I had thought that Vac-U-Form was another version of the Creeple People, but they are two different brands. Just like Mercurochrome (however its spelled), I can still smell that melting plastic in the various molds. My older cousin had one of these things back when I lived on Crystal Street. And I never once burned myself. Or tried to eat a fake tongue (I'd have been five at the time.) Things just aren't the same anymore. Over the summer, one of my nieces gave me a dinosaur foot that she grew in a cup of water. I'll admit, it looked cool for about a day. Then it started shrinking and hardening. It fell behind my bookshelf and likely looks like a molecule from the H1N1 virus by now. Can't make the cool things like Creeple People anymore. No better cheap thrill than putting an eyeball in an Easy-Bake oven.