Saturday, March 3, 2007

Tying Up Loose Ends, Dead Man's Pockets

Going back a week, when my computer dissolved under the omega beams of stewart sternberg's eyeballs, I had tried to post the bit about what might be found in my wallet, along with the note about the poor Mr. Curry. Kate S. mentioned the mugging and I thought I'd add the photo, which I took from my old blog. Sad to say, I've been mugged five times over the decades, but twice the pazst two summers. In this photo, blessedly grayscaled for youir viewing pleasure, all the blood is from this idiot high on weed punching my eye with a ring on his hand. The cops who responded to a passing car's cell call were kind enough to take a cell pic for me, as I cheerfully explained that I was a horror writer and this visual might help me in a story one day. I just have a tiny scar in my right eyebrow; its my 37th scar. All the body modifications I have are purely by accident. The second mugging, last July, was worse. In a popuring rainstorm, I decided I would fight back that time. Dr. Frankenstein always rebuilt his Monster, I don't need the assistance from the old man anymore. But that event brought the scar count up to an even 40. On that cheery note, have a great weekend.